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Atlas of Rural Health

Our recent book which looks at health and illnesses via a lens of socio-economic and political forces. A must read for those interested in access to health care, development, poverty and policy issues.

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Community health centre in Ganiyari, which includes outpatient services, inpatient ward, operating theatre complex, low cost pharmacy, & diagnostic laboratory

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Appropriate Technology

Developing health related technologies for health care needs of the people with limited resources

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Sustainable Agriculture

Working with farmers to spread use of organic SRI farming to increase yield and food availability

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Phulwari (CRÈCHES)

A network of rural creches for children below 3 years of age to attend to their nutritional as well as developmental needs

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Training programmes include VHW, SHW, ANM, GNM, Dai, Kishori, DNB

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Community Health

Strengthening Primary Care in an Underserved, Difficult to Access Terrain across 70 tribal villages

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