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  • Hospital

    Community health centre in Ganiyari, which includes outpatient services, inpatient ward, operating theatre complex, low cost pharmacy, & diagnostic laboratory
  • Community Health

    Strengthening Primary Care in an Underserved, Difficult to Access Terrain across 70 tribal villages
  • Phulwari (CRÈCHES)

    A network of rural creches for children below 3 years of age to attend to their nutritional as well as developmental needs

Jan Swasthya Sahyog - Part 1

This is a documentary that was aired on national television in India about the challenges faced and work done by a group of doctors in rural tribal India.

An Oasis In The Desert

One hundred and forty four km due north of Raipur is the nondescript village of Ganiyari. My visit to this village was to see what had made four doctors from AIIMS start a hospital almost 2 decades ago, what made them expand it into a large community health project that was Jan Swasthya Sahyog (JSS), what made them tick and what would keep them ticking. Of those, I met Yogesh Jain, a Pediatrician by training and a master of many trades by action, his wife Rachana, a Gynecologist, Raman Kataria the humble Pediatric Surgeon and his wife Anju a Pediatrician and a practicing Anesthesiologist. And what a ship they run!! On a non OPD day, the hospital seemed crowded. A routine OPD day draws up to 350 people from mostly tribal populations from a few hundred kilometers away. With no government facilities existing nearby ...